Nostalgic tongue.

It has taken a while, but I think I can make my mom’s meatloaf almost the way she makes it. And although I cannot divulge the recipe, if you are ever a meat-eating guest in my house, I would be happy to make it for you. Just ask. (I have tried making it vegetarian but it results in oven puke.)

My mom’s meatloaf is something from my childhood that I treasure, one of a few dishes that means “home” to me. Finally being able to do this recipe justice is a wonderful thing. I like serving it with sweet and spicy green beans, but my mom used to serve it with her special mashed potatoes. I can still see three heaping plates on the round wooden table in our kitchen. Sometimes it would be so cold outside that the window would steam up, fogging us in our little safe harbor.

What is one of your favorite food memories from childhood?

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