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Trivia, but not trivial.

[2009/08/29 10:14] Browman Griffith: do you think there is anything strange about 30 people, a donkey, a pig man and Doc manhattan on a pirate ship?

[2009/08/29 10:14] Cygnoir Blanc: If I did, I wouldn’t be here.

Browman was referring to the collection of regulars at Buccaneer Bowl, a monthly team trivia event in Second Life. Bucc Bowl not only provides an outlet for my occasionally vicious competitive streak, it is also responsible for introducing me to a significant portion of my SL social circle. And then there’s the fun. And the choking during a bonus question. But mostly the fun.

This team portrait was taken during the twenty-sixth Bucc Bowl earlier this month. VV for life, y’all.

Voracious Viridians @ Bucc Bowl XXVI

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