Limiting my television consumption for HealthMonth.

One of the HealthMonth rules I chose for March is limiting my television consumption to seven hours per week, or roughly one hour per day. I pared down my Hulu subscription list to the following, in order of how much I enjoy them:

  1. Fringe (hour)
  2. Parks and Recreation (half-hour)
  3. Community (half-hour)
  4. Modern Family (half-hour)
  5. Parenthood (hour)
  6. 30 Rock (half-hour)
  7. Raising Hope (half-hour)
  8. Castle (hour)
  9. The Office (half-hour)

Honestly, the Hulu list could lose 6-9 without me noticing much. I also left an hour for Restaurant: Impossible, which is a show that FunkyPlaid and I enjoy watching together on live TV.

Technically, the hours are 45-ish minutes, and the half-hours are 22-ish minutes, but you get the idea. I am somewhat surprised that I watch this much television each week, since I used to be one of those anti-TV snobs, but I usually watch around the dinner hour, if I am eating alone, or the “I can’t look at my cataloging homework another moment” hour.

Glee and House did not make the cut. The latter has become laughably dull, while the former actively enrages me, so I read Glee Sucks instead.

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