The Week in Tweets on 2011-01-09

  • My avg. daily #fitstats for last week: 4,520 steps, 1.9 miles, 1,800 calories burned via my fitbit #
  • I got all riled up because my @fitbit wouldn't sync. It's fixed, but I am no longer sleepy. Why can't I just leave things until the morning? #
  • O, endorphins! Just finished #c25k week 1 run 2 with #GetRunning – 28½ minutes of exercise and 8 minutes of running. Next run: Thursday 6th. #
  • I am waiting (impatiently) for the homemade gluten-free chicken nuggets to cook. In the slow-cooker. What a world! #fb #
  • Gluten-free chicken nuggets served with a side of honey-cinnamon glazed carrots: total win. Our slow-cooker rules. #fb #
  • I made coffee in the french press that @FunkyPlaid gave me for Christmas. I may have used too much coffee. #pleaselegstopbouncing #
  • “Aflockalypse” — Mass Animal Deaths Now Mapped on Google #
  • Sending off this unemployment with a bang: Swan Oyster Depot with @fsquared, then sitting in an office, waiting for paperwork. Um. #fb #
  • I told someone to go ahead of me because he was in a hurry. Everyone, including the hurrying guy, just stared at me. #waitingroomsareweird #
  • Was that an earthquake? #
  • A nice 4.4 quake! It was gentle. I ran to the doorway; the cats slept on. #
  • I am disappointed that Twitter for Mac (Tweetie 2.0) ditched integration and right-side alignment of my tweets. #
  • OK, I'll play. Describe me in three words on! #threewordsme #
  • I do not understand why our cats need to be in the bathroom while I am in the bathroom. #
  • Deeply disappointing yet not surprising. 7 people injured, 4 killed. Arizona Congresswoman Shot - Truthdig #
  • OK, I am way too nervous about my first taiko class tomorrow morning. Calm down, self! It's okay to be a beginner! #fb #
  • It is decided: @SteveMartinToGo wins Twitter. #

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