One more week.

The winter semester starts next Monday, as does my new job, so I have one more week to power through my to-do list before the big items hit. These items are very exciting, I assure you, the kind of exciting that I have been putting off for months. Yet I persist. I am also trying some new recipes so that I will have more momentum to cook dinner regularly. Tonight I made another salmon dish, although I still have yet to find that perfect salmon cooking temperature and time. I made balsamic maple glaze from this recipe, and I liked the taste a lot. Paired with my favorite roasted potatoes with sage brown-butter sauce recipe, it was a nice, cozy meal.

Today I thought I might run some errands or clean my closet, but instead I did some file and finance reorganization. I am working on scanning the documents I only need soft-copies of, then shredding the originals, but I need a nice big external backup drive first. Any recommendations?

I thought Holidailies was over, but it continues for another couple of days. I did not do so well at the end of December, and have only the World of Warcraft to blame. The good news is that I have almost won the World of Warcraft, so we can all go back to our other hobbies soon. Maybe mid-March.

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