My year, line by line.

I am not in the mood for questionnaires today, so you get posts instead. This exercise instructs me to take the first line of the first entry from each month for the last year. I shall obey. Mostly. I skipped the “week in tweets” posts because they annoy me.

January A pile of hopes, socks just out of the dryer, top a new year.

February Because you asked … here are my favorite gluten-free recipes.

March This is a brilliant explanation of the Trolololololo meme.

April This is our beautiful Torgi-cat.

May If you don’t live in San Francisco or care about city infrastructure, skip this post.

June From the site: “Your writing, notes, and to-do lists online.”

July I am attempting to wrangle decades of clutter.

August I walk down a deserted two-lane highway through a scrawny stretch of forest.

September Thirty-eight days until the thing that I cannot stop thinking about or talking about happens!

October I am at the hair salon, waiting for the magic tinfoil to do its thing and Pandora just served up Ratatat then Daft Punk and my eyebulbs emanated little hearts.

November We’re home!

December I don’t know what I thought being intentionally unemployed was going to be like.

No resolutions, just things I will do and words I will write, documented here as always. I hope you stick around. Next year is going to be my best yet.

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