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Revising the process.

It was a great shock to me that my to-do list, calendar, email, and notes all failed this week as the semester ended. I had a system in place involving Toodledo, Google Calendar, Gmail with ActiveInbox, and Evernote. The combination was so cluttered that although I turned in all my schoolwork by the end of the semester, I missed a crucial personal to-do, a social engagement, and I am horribly behind on a few other important projects.

Today I am starting all over, nearly from scratch. Here is my new system:

  1. Stop using Toodledo. I love all of its bells and whistles, but bells and whistles just distract me from actually doing the tasks.
  2. Organize my tasks in a simple system that can be accessed via web, computer, and iPhone and keeps all of them synced. I have exported a text file of my tasks from Toodledo and dropped the ones without solid due-dates into TaskPaper. The ones with solid due-dates are going straight to …
  3. Hell. No, just Google Calendar. I must be more diligent about checking and managing my calendar. I still can’t believe I let some big things slide this week.
  4. Stop using Evernote. Again with the bells and whistles when all I really want are text files. PlainText is a great note-taking app for iPad and iPhone, plus it syncs with Dropbox, which I love. I have been organizing my notes with text files for years, so this part is more of a return to basics than starting over from scratch.
  5. Figure out what to do with ActiveInbox. It is an elegant solution for email-wrangling, but I don’t like having to check two to-do lists.

Writing it all out like that makes me long for the days with just a pen and a Moleskine, but I know I am romanticizing the analog once again.

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