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Not an ink test: Diamine Blue-Black.

Just a transcript this time, because I am too exhausted from schoolwork.

Something a little different today. My Sheaffer Prelude is one of my few medium-nib pens. It allows the ink to shine a bit more, & this ink deserves it. This is Diamine Blue-Black, a new favorite. I like how teal this appears on the page; it reminds me of Noodler's Air-Corp Blue [sic], while not being so wet. All of the Diamine inks I use are faster-drying than Noodler's, which make them great choices for journaling.

Click through for a larger version of the image.

Not an ink test: Diamine Blue-Black

Materials used: Diamine Blue-Black ink, Clairefontaine grid spiral notebook (14.8 x 21cm), Sheaffer Prelude fountain pen. The Noodler’s ink I mention is actually called Aircorp Blue-Black.

I have more recommendations on fountain pens and ink, including inexpensive starter pens.

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