The Week in Tweets on 2010-12-12

  • As an unabashed fan of portmanteaus, I love the word "slacktivism". #
  • Tight Pants / Body Rolls #
  • O, "Lie to Me". You provide me with much-appreciated Tim Roth during my lunchtime breaks, yet only in the same plot over and over. And over. #
  • I needed that. @ P F Chang's China Bistro #
  • Procrastibaking: I take a break from studying to go the kitchen for a glass of milk and end up baking 2 dozen cookies. #
  • WikiLeaks' Assange held while court decides on extradition - - London (CNN) β€” WikiLeaks founder... #
  • The rush to smear Assange's rape accuser - War Room - #
  • I didn't account for the nap in my travel time to SoMa. Overshot my stop a little! #
  • Umloud! β€” at DNA Lounge #
  • Ümloud! 2010 was so much fun. Also, I know some people and those people will Rock Band rock your face right off. #
  • My phone autocorrected an item on my grocery list to "Cheddar Hesse". #
  • President Obama's chili recipe was a success! I am going to stop there before I get sassy with the metaphors. Recipe: #
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