On "Community" and Christmas episodes.

When I heard that “Community” was doing a stop-motion Christmas episode, I started to worry. No, scratch that, I didn’t worry at all. If any show right now could do this idea justice, it would be this one. And it did.

Normally I avoid treading into the territory of others’ opinions, but when I read things like “this just wasn’t as funny as the rest of the show has been” I become disappointed in the lack of appreciation for subtlety. Christmas episodes, even in comedies, have never been about bringing the funny. The whole point of a Christmas episode is the warm fuzzies, and this one had nuanced fuzzies, and even some downright sad moments that had my eyes a bit misty. Plus jokes. The show regularly makes me laugh out loud, not LOL but actual laughing and actually out loud.

Because I hate spoilers – yes, even your pseudo-cryptic tweets, just stop that already – I will leave you with this: “Community” has always surprised me with just how much wit and poignancy it can cram into a half-hour of television and still be entertaining. “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” is a wonderful example of this.

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