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I needed that.

I am feeling a bit antsy about the end of the semester because I am so close to pulling it off. That is how I feel about it: I am going to pull this off. Like a bank heist, or a triple Lutz.

Enrolling in an online graduate school program seemed like the sensible thing to do, but I realize now that I seriously overestimated the ability of current technologies to deliver what I considered an adequate academic setting. I am lucky to have met a few classmates whose commiseration and support have helped me readjust my expectations, and even luckier that I made a full-fledged friend.

Speaking of luck, here is a nice fortune I received at dinner tonight:

School will get easier, and in no time at all it will be done, and I will be moving forward, and any number of other clichés I tell myself. As long as I can laugh about it, I can make it.

In other, non-breaking news, I cannot write while listening to the Glee holiday album. There is just so much enthusiasm about halls being decked that I can take.

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