Then there is everything else.

I don’t know what I thought being intentionally unemployed was going to be like. So far it is very busy! I turned in a big school project yesterday but I have two more to go, plus an exam. Then there is everything else. School seems to expand to fit the empty space, but I am elbowing it out of the way to write resumes and cover letters. Resumes are easy for me; cover letters are significantly less so.

Today is the first day of Holidailies, and although I have a crappy headache I wanted to get something up for the first day. I am supposed to introduce myself and my website. This is kind of like writing a cover letter! So I know what I will say. My name is Halsted and my website is I am not an ornithologist. I am not a Taleb fangirl. I have not seen the new Aronofsky movie. I am not some “mystically imaginative” person. (Ha ha, wasn’t that funny? Posting an unflattering photo of me and then making fun of me. So funny and so original, Gawker.)

I am, however, a person who writes about the things I like and tends to ignore things I don’t, unless they are very annoying like Muni. Or Gawker. Or, right, real issues like world hunger. Super-annoying, that. Can we fix that yet?

I probably should not be writing this while I am in such a bad mood.

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I acknowledge that I live and work on stolen Cowlitz, Clackamas, Atfalati, and Kalapuya land.
I give respect and reverence to those who came before me.