The Week in Tweets on 2010-12-05

  • Spending Sunday with @FunkyPlaid by the fire, and no growing dread of what Monday will bring ... *perfect*. #
  • An ad on my website offers help for alcoholism NOW. I had three drinks on Saturday night! This algorithm is actually my Italian grandmother. #
  • Finally visited the Googleplex! @FunkyPlaid and I were truly impressed by the innovative campus and engaging people. #
  • It never fails: a billion time-sensitive emails come in the one day I am not in front of my computer. And I suck at iPhone email replies. #
  • I appreciate having the time and energy to explore this city, and I hope I still have the time and energy to do so once I am re-employed. #
  • Up too late partying! Or writing cover letters. I kind of feel hungover; does that count? #
  • Video: Want some holiday music? Try Straight No Chaser - 12 Days (original from 1998) (via mikado95) #
  • Gowalla 3.0 Unifies Check-Ins, Places With Facebook, Twitter, And Yes, Foursquare - Gowalla saves us from... #
  • Video: I love this more than I can say: This Is How Michael Caine Speaks - The Trip - BBC Two (thanks,... #
  • Life sans job is a lot busier than I expected it to be! I am enjoying all this productivity. And the naps. #
  • Swedish arrest warrant for alleged sex offenses, Julian Assange - Wikipedia #
  • Interpol orders arrest of Wikileaks founder to face rape charges - Wikinews #
  • Video: Wikileaks Loses U-S Domain Provider (via AssociatedPress) #
  • Amy Goodman: WikiLeaks and the End of U.S. ‘Diplomacy’ - Truthdig #
  • just loved Gregory & The Hawk - Landscapes on @hypem #
  • Listening to the new Girl Talk album would be my guilty pleasure if I felt guilty about it. #
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