The Week in Tweets on 2010-11-21

  • This makes me so happy. Via laughingsquid: New TMBG logo | beak #
  • My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Sarah Vaughan (16), Ben Folds (11) & Dntel (9) #
  • My avg. daily #fitstats for last week: 4,832 steps, 2 miles, 1,780 calories burned via my fitbit #
  • Nightmares three nights running: earthquakes, zombies, plague. And all of them preferable to being made to feel lousy at work. #
  • Accident on tracks in Inner Sunset; unclear what happened, but inbound N trains are stopped. Now on a packed 6 bus. #munifail #
  • I feel very close to the failures of my heart today, and closer to the lessons those failures have taught me now that I am listening. #
  • I envy you JoCo Cruise Crazy cruisers ... check out that lineup! #
  • Peppermint mochas have an outstanding cost to happiness ratio. #
  • Opt Out of the Airport Scanners for Health and Privacy - We Won't Fly .com via @WeWontFly #
  • My "I survived another workday" playlist starts with Total Eclipse of the Heart and ends with me falling asleep on the train. And drooling. #
  • Airplane Terrorism Twenty Years Ago #
  • Muni : San Francisco :: AT&T : iPhone. #
  • Woke to the damp and dulcet tones of the Crypt Keeper eating chicken wings. No, wait, just my cat licking her toes. #
  • I am skipping the 100 books meme. I don't need to remind you or be reminded of my misspent youth in the company of books instead of people. #
  • I accidentally left my reusable bag at home today. One raindrop hit the paper bag & it vomited groceries all over the road. Go green, y'all. #
  • Thunder and lightning! In San Francisco! We have a thunderstorm! This is apparently why the exclamation point was invented! #
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