The Week in Tweets on 2010-11-07

  • Happy only slightly hungover while traveling in the car for ten hours Halloween! #
  • Northern California sky @ I-5 South #
  • We are home, the kitties are safe, and Real Life begins again. #
  • Savoring the last moments of time off with @FunkyPlaid while running errands. It is a gorgeous day for it! #
  • My avg. daily #fitstats for last week: 8,127 steps, 3.3 miles, 1,868 calories burned via my fitbit #
  • I loved eating our way through the PNW, but missed cooking. Tonight: roasted winter root veggies & pork tenderloin with curried dried fruit. #
  • Even the Outer Sunset is rejoicing! Well, okay, I heard someone yell "woooo!" and set off a firework. Congratulations, San Francisco Giants! #
  • Allura is writing again! (And she mentioned me!) ._.-. halsted’s bracelet | #
  • So Prop G passed. Returning to work via the N-Judah tomorrow may be interesting. #
  • About 25 people waiting at an Outer Sunset N-Judah stop right now = not a good sign for this morning's commute. #
  • And here I thought San Francisco was throwing a parade for my glorious return to work! #SFGParade #
  • Civic Center restaurants are packed, so I decided on the library's café. Until I saw the hundred people in line. Microwaved agra peas it is! #
  • Got a contact high tiptoeing around the urine puddles en route to Sbux. #
  • Self-deprecating yet snide message about the inefficiency of a certain public transit system during planned citywide events. #
  • RT @tpmmedia: 95 Candidates Who Pledged Support For Net Neutrality Lost On Tuesday #
  • Where my gerunds at? (obligatory NSFW warning) #
  • Learning now instead of maybe later someday. #
  • Pruning and organizing bookmarks in Safari instead of doing homework. Yep, I'm in grad school, all right. #
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