The Week in Tweets on 2010-10-31

  • Up at 05:30 to make the high-speed ferry to Victoria. Canada, here we come! Now hand me that Dramamine. #
  • Trying to rally with caffeine, wifi, Bee Gees. A gaggle of police officers just appeared. Victoria is slightly surreal on little sleep. #
  • Woo, gluten-free pizza made to order at The Joint! Thanks, Canada! #
  • I feel that I did not have the proper waterproof wardrobe necessary to fully appreciate our time in Victoria. Our B&B rocked, though. #
  • Nummy rum cocktail while waiting for late-night sushi. Awyeah! (Cat's Cradle @ Liberty) - - @Foodspotting #
  • Today's heroes of mine: @FunkyPlaid for excellent driving to Astoria and @flyingapron in Fremont for awesome gluten-free treats. #
  • Spooky @ Troll's Nook #
  • Night-caching in Astoria was awesome, even when something called my name from beyond its watery grave. Which totally happened, @FunkyPlaid! #
  • Just took this using TrueHDR on my iPhone: overlooking Astoria. #
  • Goonies! @ The Goondocks #
  • We saw the Goonies House! #
  • Soon they will have no need for meatbags like us. RT @extralife: Holy crap, Japan! Yer freakin me out over here! #
  • On @mcsweeneysbooks: Yahoo's MAILER-DAEMON Automated Reply for Failed E-Mail Delivery Is Getting a Little Too Intimate #
  • Exhausting day of couples' massage followed by foot soak and scrub. Seriously, folks, this honeymooning thing rules. You gotta try it. #
  • The best I've ever had. (Shrimp & Crab Enchiladas @ Los Molcajetes) - - @Foodspotting #
  • I have been so spoiled by this honeymoon that I was just a little bit indignant when I had to spend a few hours on homework earlier tonight. #
  • Pictured with eggs over easy and homemade applesauce. So yummy. (Fried Cornmeal @ Crescent Cafe) - - @Foodspotting #
  • Fall foliage @ McMinnville, OR #
  • The UFO Room @ McMenamins Hotel Oregon #
  • We are headed here in an hour! A Review of Thistle Restaurant | Portland Food And via @pdxfooddude #
  • With squash and Brussels sprouts. Not a great photo of a truly great dish. (Venison @ Thistle LLC) - - @Foodspotting #
  • Thistle made the last night of our honeymoon truly outstanding. PDX folks, please make the trip to McMinnville. #
  • Anaconda In My Pants #moviesinmypants #
  • Batman Begins In My Pants #moviesinmypants #
  • Memento In My Pants #moviesinmypants #
  • A Mighty Wind In My Pants #moviesinmypants #
  • Short Circuit In My Pants #moviesinmypants #
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