The Week in Tweets on 2010-10-17

  • It is a meatloaf and green beans and homework and fun music and good chatting night, and I am grateful. #
  • Torgi dumped one of Zen's catnip toys into her water dish and let it steep. I think he is ready for the UK! #
  • It's not the wedding planning while working full-time and going to grad school, it's the wedding planning *exploding* ... #
  • I am #comingout for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality this Coming Out Day. Join me! #comingout (via @HRC) #
  • A break from everything with @hermiston and @azramo at @alembicbar: corn soup with sea urchin, jerk-spiced duck hearts. So, so good. #
  • Officially on vacation from work for three weeks, just in time for the #plaidetnoir home stretch. Let's do this! #
  • I hope someone at the #plaidetnoir celebrations will know how to update Facebook relationship status. Wouldn't want to be out of compliance. #
  • The parents have landed. Less than 72 hours to go until #plaidetnoir Today was errand-running, laundry-doing, and now homework-finishing. #
  • I'm pulling my very first grad school all-nighter! Let's hope it's only a half-nighter, because I have to entertain guests tomorrow (today). #
  • I forgot how much all-nighters suck, but this morning is kindly reminding me. I hope not to doze off on any #plaidetnoir family members. #
  • Beastie Boys on the iPod and I'm on the N-Judah, en route to brunch with my #plaidetnoir Attendants of Awesome and Moms of Magnificence. #
  • It is #plaidetnoir rehearsal time! Places, please! #
  • Drunk tweeting from the #plaidetnoir rehearsal dinner. So much wine. So much food. So much love. <3 #
  • Home again safely from #plaidetnoir rehearsal dinner. @foreigncinemasf was no less than epic. #
  • We are up and not at all hungover from last night, which is a miracle. Less than 7 hours until #plaidetnoir festivities officially commence! #
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