The Week in Tweets on 2010-10-10

  • It has been a very long time since I wrote a paper for school, says my wobbly brain. #
  • It is easy to be compassionate about what you have in common with someone, and more important to be compassionate about what you don't. #
  • OK, immune system, no more funny business for the next ... *gulp* ... nine days. Nine days? How did the-- what the-- #
  • Today's accomplishments include inadvertently body-checking the dude peeing on the staff exit. I have always wanted to do that. #
  • Thanks to @maura, I may very well have "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe" running through my head ON MY WEDDING DAY. #
  • We met the loveliest husky dog and his human while dining in Cole Valley tonight. I miss my Gracie tremendously. #
  • What has two thumbs and runs last-minute wedding errands with Jessica Rabbit hair? *This* gal! #
  • I could have become a cobbler and made my own wedding shoes in the time it took me to find a pair I don't hate that also fit. #
  • This time next week @FunkyPlaid and I will be shaking our booties on the dancefloor of our wedding reception! #
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