The Week in Tweets on 2010-10-03

  • Overscheduled and Overdressed: The Cygnoir Story. #
  • I got all the way through the Windows 7 install only to have my computer inform me that the product key is invalid. But I bought it ... ? #
  • Cats don't understand the whole "I am sleeping in because I work the late shift today" deal. I dearly wish they did. #
  • I am a fairly tolerant person, but I cannot stand it when people yell in the library. It bypasses all of my "chill out" filters and I rage. #
  • I am a deer in the headlights of the Mack truck of wedding planning on the black ice of grad school in the freak hailstorm of my job. #
  • I politely ask someone on Muni if I can sit next to him, where he has put his bag. He looks away & doesn't move his bag. #
  • Sometimes I enjoy crossing things I've done off my to-do list more than I enjoyed doing them. #
  • In an effort to make the most of my limited time at Flax, I adhered to the to-do list ... and missed out on the fountain pens. #sadtrombone #
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