The Week in Tweets on 2010-09-26

  • Sunday scent report ._.-. Russian Caravan tea, cherry blossom hand cream, cat fur, neroli eau de parfum, petrichor. #
  • My weekend began with a candlelit bath and foot rub from @FunkyPlaid and ended with a massage from Karly of @apothecasf. Yes! #
  • Good morning, single-car N-Judah during rush hour. Again. Less than a mile into your route and completely packed. Again. #munifail #
  • And the next N-Judah has more than a few seats out of commission (read: soaked with water) because of air-conditioning leaks. #munifail #
  • Right when I need work to be calm and smooth, it is the exact opposite. Murphy and his frickafrackin' law. #
  • Licensed to ill! I mean wed! RT @FunkyPlaid: Signing on the dotted line. Almost official! #
  • Intestinal cramps: nature's way of forcing me to slow down and chill out. I would prefer an emailed memo, really, but okay, I get it. #
  • I miss cooking and I want to treat @FunkyPlaid to a great meal this weekend. Tell me about a great meal that someone cooked for you. #
  • Whenever I want to behave, I threaten to install Thunderbird. By the time the file finishes downloading, all is well. #
  • I actually dreamed of Jeannie last night: my friend from jr high (hi Jeannie)! She had wallpapered her new home in colophons from old books. #
  • I have grown rather fond of these late-night wedding planning sessions with @FunkyPlaid. And eeeeeee, 3 weeks away! #
  • I dreamed I was back at summer camp for nerdlets and my mailbox was full with everything I had ever lost. Also, Jack Black was my counselor. #
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