three weeks to go

Three weeks from right now, I will be an old married lady. Well, okay, I’ll be married.

Everything right now is a blur, a happy blur for the most part, as everything converges on the event. Because I have spent so much time exactly where I am right now – on my laptop in the living room, organizing and chugging through this mass of information – I feel like I should give a few technology shout-outs, especially since I have churned through many, many tools over the past year. Just ask FunkyPlaid: every time I sent him a to-do list update, it would be through a different service.

  • ActiveInbox has kept my Gmail account focused and action-driven.
  • Toodledo has managed the to-do lists swimmingly, via the web and via Pocket Informant on my iPhone.
  • The honeymoon plans are coming together in TripIt. I especially love the iCal integration.
  • Notes and bookmarks are tagged for easy access in Pinboard.
  • FunkyPlaid and I share wedding-related files via Dropbox.
Some of the things that are worrying me the most – the dress not being finished yet, the perfect shoes proving elusive – will be resolved soon. I have been told over and over again to enjoy these last few weeks because it will all be over before I know it. Most of the enjoyment is preempted by meta-thinking each detail, but the worry has been replaced with excitement. And Pocket Frogs.

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