The Week in Tweets on 2010-09-19

  • I am fairly sure that my biggest challenge in grad school is going to be learning when to stop tweaking the assignment before turning it in. #
  • My avg. daily #fitstats for last week: 4,987 steps, 2 miles, 1,800 calories burned via my fitbit #
  • First grad school lesson learned: no amount of library experience can change the fact that I am a giant dork on camera. (Yes, yes, and off.) #
  • Gmail's Exchange burps make me long for MobileMe to be awesome already. C'mon, Apple. I'm rooting for you! #
  • I am trying to tell you how hard my "Horns of Love" '80s playlist rocks via iTunes Ping but I can't figure it out. Just take my word for it. #
  • The HMO is hopping today! It's a dance party! Without the music. Or dancing. And with a bunch of sick people. OK, not a dance party at all. #
  • Note to smug punk-ass self: when the nice lady with the big needle says, "This is going to hurt," and it doesn't, wait about an hour. #
  • Sometimes, this city can still be magic: stepping off the train, I spot one of my best friends, and he hugs me, and I needed that. #
  • The brain, a vaguely electrified slug, slides down the spinal staircase. Peering back up, it says, "Mi ne povas fari ?in." #
  • The stomach is a zipper of wet feathers. Ribs itch with the breath and the beat. #
  • Come On And Take A Free Ride: Muni Fare Evasion Gets Easier With Gate Exploit: News: SFAppeal via @sfappeal #
  • Hark, the hatred-humping unicorn that is the single-car N-Judah! During Friday eve rush hour, no less. We are blessed. #munifail #
  • Ah, now to unwind from the week with some competitive team trivia! ...what? #
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