The Value of Libraries…


Prove it.

At a time when tightening belts have prompted colleges to put various programs and practices under the economic microscope, this is a challenge more and more librarians have been facing. And they would do well to learn how to answer it, says a report released today by the Association of College and Research Libraries.

The report, titled “The Value of Academic Libraries,” is a hefty round-up of various ways that libraries have, so far, figured how to demonstrate the value of their services. While it is more of a literature review than a how-to guide, the ACRL hopes the report will serve as a useful point of reference for libraries that might soon need to justify — and perhaps reevaluate — the value of certain services relative to the mission of their parent institution, says Megan Oakleaf, an assistant professor of information studies at Syracuse University, who wrote the report.

» via Inside Higher Ed

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