Sparkly Ears

I have been working on a super-secret present for a coworker all this week. The present is nearly finished, but I have had no time for writing, which makes me restless.

Still, FunkyPlaid and I managed to squeeze in a three-mile walk and a movie (“Up In the Air”, which we both enjoyed immensely). I also had another dress fitting. For, you know, a dress I am going to wear at some big fancy party in October or something. I don’t know, maybe my WEDDING which is in about FOUR MONTHS. Whaaaaaat?

I am excited about the dress in a way that I cannot adequately describe. Sandra understands the ideas I have for it, and she loves the colors, and she is just plain fun to be around, so all of this adds up to me being quietly yet extremely excited about what it will look like. And also it is no small feat for me to find feminine clothing that I actually want to wear. Although “find” isn’t fair, it being custom-made and all.

Every day I get a little more wiggly about the wedding. Some small detail falls into place and the whole idea shines so brightly in my head that my ears sparkle.

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