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I promise not to kill you.

I promise not to kill you.
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I have had spiders on the brain since I started to receive feedback on my elevator story, so when FunkyPlaid pointed this creature out to me, I was happy to dust off the old Rebel.

Today was a day much like any other day except for the part where I broke down in tears while speaking to a total stranger. (At least I was locked in my office at the time.) But then the total stranger made my day. I was cheered, so I went to the Apple Store just to touch an iPad. It was heavier than I expected, and more beautiful. I almost bought a new pair of earbuds but didn’t. Then some people at the train station insulted my hat. When I got home, FunkyPlaid was waiting for me and the cats sat on opposite ends of the futon and we ate Thai food and the rain made quiet sounds all above and everything ended up all right.

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