the fastest post of the slowest runner

O, look, a fifteen-minute break: just enough time to talk about exercise.

Since we last talked about exercise, I am still in the Couch to 5k program, with a few breaks due to illness. How I hate that phrase “due to illness”! But there it is. Also, I have now mapped my regular route, and discovered that my pace is much too slow. I will need to train significantly harder to complete a 5k in a reasonable amount of time. Right now I am stuck on day one of week six of the nine-week program, which is slightly demoralizing but not spirit-crushing because I love it.

There, I’ve said it: I love running. I don’t love running uphill, but that makes sense, right? My legs go all noodly and the whole running thing seems like an ill-conceived idea. Running downhill is less doubt-filled noodle-making, but still not as fun as Just Running. Sadly, San Francisco’s topography has not returned my calls, so there will be no debating this issue.

As much as I love running, I dislike pretty much anything else designed solely for exercise. Someday I will find the thing that makes strength-training endurable. Please let it not be yoga, because all of my yoga-loving friends are already annoyed with me for mocking the names of the poses even though they know I have the sense of humor of a fifth-grader.

And with that, my break ends conveniently before I can talk about being in vocational limbo!

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