links for 2010-03-09

  • From the article: "As the Chronicle reported that day, none of the affected employees are happy about this 'offer' they can’t refuse, and their unions are even talking about suing the city. As for this plan to 'maintain services,' that’s based simply on Newsom’s demand that city employees – who, because of the layoffs in previous years, are often already doing several people’s jobs – do 40 hours of work in 37.5 hours."
  • Yes, I received a pink slip. No, I have not (yet?) been rehired. No, I most certainly do not approve of the mayor's tactic. From the article: "Newsom ordered the layoff notices be sent to most of the city's 26,000 workers and said the overwhelming majority of them will be hired back within two weeks to work 37.5 hours a week instead of their current 40 - meaning they'll see a 6.25 percent cut to their paychecks."
  • I know, I know; I'm a broken record on the topic. You would be too, if you just got laid off. The article is good; the first comment (by "A City Worker") is outstanding.
  • From "Fast food isn't solely to blame for weight problems. Your diet may be hindered by a class of chemicals researchers have begun to call obesogens." (via Rich)
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