links for 2010-02-16

  • From the article: "Authorized by Congress in 2000, the National Children’s Study began last January, its projected cost swelling to about $6.7 billion. With several hundred participants so far, it aims to enroll 100,000 pregnant women in 105 counties, then monitor their babies until they turn 21."
  • I don't agree with most of this, but it is certainly thought-provoking. From the article: "Gottlieb interviewed an array of experts -- sociologists, behavioral economists, social psychologists, and statisticians -- who presented evidence about why online dating doesn't work, what women can really expect when they're in their 40s (there are only 72 single men for every 100 women in the 45-to-65-year-old demographic, according to a U.S. Census figure she cites), and why women are fundamentally the choosier sex." (via mish)
  • Someone created this video of actual "gameplay" -- if you can call it that -- in Second Life, complete with a fantastic Big Band soundtrack. It is sincerely worth a watch, especially if you appreciate this era of music, but just as a marvelous example of the level of creativity that can be achieved in Second Life.
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