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sundays are for

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Sundays are for laundry and chores and errands and then gaming. If I had a higher-level World of Warcraft character, I might be raiding on Sunday nights. Instead I do my own thing, which usually involves reading, writing, knitting, and watching something on Hulu.

Tonight I decided to play World of Warcraft too. I played for about an hour and logged off as soon as I got bored. I like the game, but am unwilling to spend the time required to be good at it, and I am easily bored by grinding XP. I end up inventing my own stories and getting distracted with wandering throughout the different areas.

Some of the lush forested areas in the game reminded me of Portland, so I decided to look at some of the photos I took. The Lensbaby ones turned out the best. Blurred photo edges remind me of fond and fuzzy memories.

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