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cloaker in progress
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Today’s NaBloPoMo post is a short one because I have spent most of the day offline. A large chunk of this offline time was in transit to Gamescape North for pizza and painting night. My first project is a cloaker. FunkyPlaid is teaching me how to paint as I go. I love working on projects with tangible results.

While on the Golden Gate Transit 70 bus this evening, I overheard a woman’s phone conversation. She was scolding someone named Patrick who apparently called her mother and “nearly put her in the hospital with worry.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, this woman informed Patrick that he was disappointing to her because she needs to be “in a power couple.”

The young mother next to me breast-fed her child as I pondered what it meant to be in a power couple, perhaps something to do with lunches, chords, and stations. What an empty phrase to use: power couple. Wouldn’t it just be easier to dump him?

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