secret agent mug

I should stop not-bringing my camera to places; last night’s dinner, homemade by friends in Alameda, was so good that it should have been documented.  I was too busy stuffing my face on duck confit.

Tea is steeping in a mug that was obviously handmade by a child somewhere along the timeline. I do not remember making this mug, but I remember someone telling me in my twenties that I had made this mug, and I believed it.  For all I know, this could be a secret agent mug, lying in wait in my cupboard all these years, only to be activated when the proper mixture of tea, milk, and sugar is applied.

Good thing I can barely fumble my way through tea-making!

What would a secret agent mug do?  Not “What Would Secret Agent Mug Do?” like on the colorful plastic bracelets, but what would its mission be?

Whatever plans it would thwart, it is allowing a particularly gentle sunset grace the Sunset right now, and so I allow it one more day as a mere mug.

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