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what you really need

zen and paper Okay, enough of that political crap. Here is what you really need today:

  1. A Bumpy Ride Bag from Zola Jones: because all other messenger bags want to be the one that closes with an actual repurposed seatbelt! If you don’t have the awesome Chicago hookup like I do, visit the Zola Jones Etsy shop.
  2. A cat who loves tissue paper like nothing else in the world.
  3. The fourth episode of “Dollhouse”.  I think it’s getting better. And really, did anyone like “Buffy” or “Angel” right away?
  4. Vitamin D. (Insert prerequisite seventh-grade joke here, and a “that’s what she said” for good measure.) I meant sunshine!
  5. Brilliant spam like this one: Become perpetuum mobile of love.
  6. A nap. The end.

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