for luck

As everything is liminal, the sky and trees are separated only by lamp-light. You remember how to get to the train, but do not remember the walk. A white car attempts to punctuate the crosswalk as a near-stranger grabs for your arm.

Which words did you use to describe your mood to your colleague? Were you too argumentative, too callous, or not engaged enough, still too young in the field? Will you remember which words when you sink unthinking into a free seat, or will you allow the novel's last chapter to wash over you?

Removing your sweater, you are neither warm enough nor chilled. You are the girl who puts the sweaters on the hangers the same way. You are the girl who says please and thank you. You are the girl who forgets the right word in the right moment and repeats it later into the dark three times for luck.

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I acknowledge that I live and work on stolen Cowlitz, Clackamas, Atfalati, and Kalapuya land.
I give respect and reverence to those who came before me.