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Since I haven’t been around much lately, I’ll point you in the direction of two places you can find me more often:

  1., which is my weblog.
  2., which is my nascent professional writing site.
Now to the excuses:
  1. I stay up much too late, wringing every moment I can out of my non-work time;
  2. I have misplaced my camera's battery charger;
  3. I am compiling my application to graduate school;
  4. I am fully burned out on the Bay Area and need some serious time away from it;
  5. I haven't had the drive to write about my internal processes lately;
  6. I'm still smarting from the greater truths revealed in my last post;
  7. Blargle blargle fizzle wot wot.  (It's as good an excuse as any.)
Vote. Vote vote vote vote vote. Vote.

This might be a good time to tell you that I am fundraising for the Obama ‘08 campaign. Please donate if you are so inclined.

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