grateful for scents

This is a strange one to put into words, but at this moment I am enjoying a complex experience of scent.  As I ponder this, it occurs to me that I spend quite a bit of time smelling things or remembering moments of my past via scents.

The scent experience right now is a combination of the fragrance of a pumpkin candle and the pages of a book open in front of me. It has transported me to my little apartment in the Tendernob, right around Christmastime, when my beloved and I first found these particular candles at a bookstore. In my little apartment, I would light the candle and read by it, drifting off with my nose in the book.

It isn’t all charming vignettes, however.  Once I purchased the exact same deodorant brand I used in high school, and what ensued was two months’ worth of mornings bristling with hormone-fueled insecurity.

(This entry is part of one month of gratitude.)

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