grateful for games

My life would be droll and dreary without games.  Today I am grateful for them because had a marvelous time playing a table-top RPG called Changeling.  I love RPGs, board games, card games, and puzzles.  I am rarely without a crossword or Scrabble puzzle book, and FunkyPlaid and I have become avid geocachers in addition to our World of Warcraft habit hobby.

Frankly, I could be a better game player.  My ego is wrapped up in my gameplay because I am a fast learner but a slow refiner, and if I don’t play as well as I think I should be able to already, I get frustrated and sulky.  I am also fairly horrible at games that require bluffing, but at least I know I’m horrible at those.  Thursday nights are Board Game Nights at Gamescape North, which I try to attend whenever possible in order to expose myself to a wider variety of games and people in the hopes I will lose my ego and let go.

(This entry is part of one month of gratitude.)

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