grateful for music

This topic surprised me. I am trying not to follow any sort of order with these entries, so I sit down at the computer and whatever is top of mind comes out. Yesterday I started playing with the Remote app for my iPhone, which allows me to control iTunes on my iMac over our wireless network. Today I was able to play one of my iTunes playlists in the front-room while entertaining friends. It was such a small but rewarding accomplishment.

I don’t recall being overly interested in music as a child, although I grew up with a father who appreciated classical music and a mother who was a professional vocalist.  There were some piano lessons, drum lessons, and voice lessons, the last of which served to inspire a few different involvements with bands when I was older. I have never had any confidence about my voice, however, despite repeated attempts on my mother’s part to get me to sing along with her.

Regardless of my interest level, there always seemed to be an album or cassette playing in my childhood home.  I was exposed to much more than I knew at the time; the other day I recognized a piece from Satie that could only have been played for me decades ago. Only now do I realize how integral a part of my life music is, how I use it for solace, for refuge, for stimulation, for contemplation.

My favorite band has been They Might Be Giants for many, many years, but I am willing to listen to anything once.  Thankfully, I receive excellent guidance from my music-loving and music-making friends.  One of my favorite things to do with FunkyPlaid is perusing the endless bins at Amoeba, wondering if that next risky purchase is going to contain something that crawls into my brain and stays a while.

While I don’t attend many concerts, I love stumbling upon live music.  Most recently, I heard the Smith Dobson Quartet at the de Young during the Chihuly opening weekend celebrations.  I was utterly transfixed by the melodies, and later purchased a CD online as well as one from Smith’s sister Sasha Dobson, another remarkably talented person.  Since I am horrible at classifying into genres, please take a moment to click their links and listen for yourself.  That reminds me: I always meant to share some of my current favorites via my Muxtape. Perhaps I’ll work on that next!

(This entry is part of one month of gratitude.)

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