This will be brief, because I am extremely ill today due to accidentally ingesting gluten in last night’s dinner. The worst part is that I dread eating the next day so much I tend to avoid it until I can’t anymore, and then scarf something vaguely disgusting down just to have some nutrition.

Clearly I am new at managing this disease, and have a lot to learn.

My experiment in giving up my RSS reader for a week is complete. I’ve made my point to myself: I don’t need to keep up with 269 RSS feeds to lead a complete, informed, happy life. Also, I prefer getting my news from communities that encourage participation instead of from one-way news blasts. The exception to this is Twitter, which is eminently useful to me as a means to keeping up with my friends and certain web tools (especially world news and daily weather reports).

That’s all from here tonight. It’s raining, which is a pleasant change from the blustery gray un-springtime. FunkyPlaid is at GAMA; these are my last days living alone. Should I be living it up? And if so, what does “living it up” entail? I sense there might be illicit activities involved, but watching the people wandering my neighborhood in various states of stupors and loss is an excellent deterrent. Sleep, then.