It is absolutely remarkable what happens when you choose to let go of fear.

It is a choice, of course, not immediately apparent while we are clinging to it, like a necklace worn so long its weight no longer registers.

If this seems to be a melodramatic way to talk about changing RSS-feed-reading patterns, perhaps it is, but no less relevant. I have been afraid, for many years, of missing out on information, of not knowing while others know. Working at the public library has changed my entire view of knowledge and information in this regard; it is clear to me now that none of us know, at least not in the way I understood knowledge. We think, and believe, and wonder, and learn, and these are all valuable, important things. Knowledge is a tool, not a belief system, and I have been treating it as the latter for much too long now.

Not knowing is the ultimate freedom. Not to know, and to seek or to help, is the most satisfying pursuit I have experienced.

Pieces of the shell I have constructed for myself – comprised of the equation of What I Know to Who I Am – fall away daily, and I step lighter than ever.