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green top and blue cheese

I attended my very first Yankee Swap last night, and had a terrific time. In short, a Yankee Swap (also known as a white elephant gift exchange) is the snarky cousin of Secret Santa, during which participants are allowed to steal gifts from one another. I was surprised at the quality of the gifts – hello, iPod-controlling jacket – and stole a terribly unattractive yet cozy top from Old Navy, pictured above as I try to struggle out of it while FunkyPlaid looks on. (Photo credit: Nathan, one of our charming and talented hosts.)

The first half of the evening was a cheese-tasting extravaganza. Each person invited was asked to bring, well, cheese. We brought a wedge of Mimolette and another of Robusto. The best cheese we tasted was Fourme d’Ambert, a French blue cheese that was creamy yet sharp. I must admit to not enjoying the Camembert; I didn’t mind that it was runny, but l’odeur de pied was just too much for me.

It was strange and exhilarating to tell people at the party about my new job at SFPL. Two weeks from right now I will be desperately attempting to sleep before my first day, just like I used to do before the first day of school. I already have my notebook and pen all packed and ready to go.

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