year in review

Because I haven’t finished my full-fledged year-in-review post, here is that meme that’s floating about the tubes: take the first line of the first entry from each month for the last year.

January The party last night was a success.

February I am so frustrated with my computer right now.

March How it begins: someone sends a fascinating email or an interesting voicemail.

April The yay: Making it through an all-day offsite meeting and somehow giving a presentation in front of what felt like eleventy billion people but was in all probability only 40 or so.

May I am settling into being mediocre, between genres, unfinished, and not a genius.

June Usually it either takes hours or moments for me to write something here.

July If you are unsure, holding a hand — if you would take a hand into your hand and not be sure — do not take the hand.

August It could have been anything. Any arrangement of words said or sent could have done it.

September I owe just about everyone I know an email or three, my project at work is at a fever pitch, and I’m recovering from a horrible two months physically just to hit Mercury in retrograde.

October She sets the mug on the coaster.

November Since I don’t have the time to do NaNoWriMo this year — but I’m happily supporting those of you who do — I thought I’d try to post a journal entry every day of November.

December My year-long work project launched on Thursday-then-Friday.

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