two of a kind

This will be short, since not only am I hitting the midpoint of this cold, but Zen has diarrhea. She’s still eating and drinking, so I’m not too worried, but still it breaks my heart when she cries and trots off to the litter box. She is curled up next to me right now, where she always returns, and purring. I wish they made Imodium for kitties.

Tonight I’m missing dinner with D at our friends’ house. They’re lovely people who always serve incredible food and wine. I am so sad to be missing out, but cannot imagine heaving myself up to Marin, feeling like this.

Thankfully, I had the luxury of the day off work today. I slept almost the entire time, and am confident that this was just what I needed to start feeling better tomorrow. Tonight, though, my head is pounding despite the cold medicine, and all I want to do is sleepily pet my sick cat.

Back to that, then.

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