blue skies and all

To those of you who shared your thoughts on the last post, thank you so much. I have always loved the more interactive parts of this journal because they help me understand how other people cope and experience and think and feel. If only I had a threaded commenting solution so I could respond properly. Soon.

But you’ll forgive me if I am a bit distracted at the moment. I’ve had such a shiny day. After six hours in a row of sleep – much more than I’ve had for weeks – I woke up, got ready for work, and picked up an espresso from my new local café. The morning was so glorious that I decided to walk to work. Most of the workday was spent catching up with emails that had been sent while I was in workshops, but my team took multiple breaks to make each other laugh with silly stories. I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair, and my sides still hurt from laughing.

After such an exhausting week, I thought I would take a nap right when I got home, but since I’m over my loss of appetite side-effect, sushi sounded much better. I treated myself to a nice dinner and savored every moment of it. I walked home in the sunshine and listened to all the international students chatting on the hostels’ stoops. It was one of those perfect-temperature San Francisco summer evenings, hovering around 65 degrees, blue skies and all, and I love walking around my neighborhood, so I took the long way home.

When I got to my building, a young man I know who regularly sleeps in the doorways nearby said hello and apologized to me for crouching on the sidewalk. I said he didn’t have to do that, while noticing that he was holding his hand over a hole in a small PG&E vent in the sidewalk. I asked him why he was doing that, and he said it was because sometimes air comes out of the hole. I leaned down to do it too. We crouched like that for a minute or so, but I didn’t feel any air. Still, I thanked him for showing me something new, and he blessed me.

A nap was in the cards after all, followed by some phone conversations and some World of Warcraft. Now I will go to sleep so I can be fully awake for the arrival of my copy of the last Harry Potter book in the morning. I packed a bag to take to the park so I have fortifications while I enjoy the book in the sunshine. After that, I’ll join my team as we dance the night away to ‘80s tribute bands at the Rockit Room. I don’t know what I did to deserve such good things in my life, so I’ll stop worrying and just enjoy it.

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