and also holy ow

Drinking one part apple cider vinegar to three parts water with five shakes of cayenne pepper doesn’t mean I am hardcore. It means I am, in fact, a gigantic wuss when it comes to having a sore throat and after a week or so I will do anything I read on the Intarweb to stop it.

By the way, OW. And then also HOLY OW. I started out with three rounds of gargling with cayenne in water, but it got to be some weird competitive thing, me vs. my throat and all the nerve endings I have ever had in that general vicinity, and so I broke out the vinegar.

Before you ask the obvious, yes, I know of the newfangled invention called “cough drops” and I know of tea with honey and I know, I know, hot pepper and vinegar, how could this ever end well?

But I will tell you something.

I am pretty sure I no longer have a sore throat.

Once sensation in my neck and face returns, that might change.

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