the yay and the nay

The yay: Making it through an all-day offsite meeting and somehow giving a presentation in front of what felt like eleventy billion people but was in all probability only 40 or so.

The nay: Pulling it off so well that people are inevitably going to ask me to do it again.

The yay: Celebrating afterwards with wonderful people I don’t get to see hardly enough because there is no SF-London bridge (yet) nor teleportation nor jetpacks and is this the frigging future or WHAT? Come on, people!

The nay: Overdoing it. Just an eensy-weensy bit, measuring “eensy-weensy” by units of gin and tonic. And having to be up for an 08:00 conference call. Owmyhead.

The yay: Meeting with my writing group tonight. I love my writing peeps.

The nay: Trying to give coherent and constructive criticism after only 4 hours of sleep. I mean, what?

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I give respect and reverence to those who came before me.