crying on the left side

Despite the hovering left-eye-socket headache that keeps me as irascible as my last entry indicated, I want to write something here. It’s Friday night and after a rough week the MSG is already asleep and I am doing laundry. Many loads of it, in fact; I had no time during the week to get it done, plus the machines in my building are sketchy at best.

The new job – can I still call it that? it’s been almost 8 months – has become vastly more challenging, which is in turns wonderful and painful. Still, I’d rather have those turns than boredom.

After a long hiatus from a short story I began a year ago, I doubled its page count and did some cursory editing. My writing group is very excited to read the next draft, which inspires me to think about it quite a lot, but I’m having some trouble making the plot my own. I see in it echoes of many different other stories that I’ve read, so I stop myself from writing like that, and end up getting nothing new down. Ah, well … at least I’m taking photos.

What is it that causes my fascination with the new Google Personalized Homepage themes? I’ve wanted to implement a theme on my own site like this for a long time, one that changes with weather as well as time of day in my current locale. Someday I’ll figure out how to start that project.

Okay, my left eye has started to tear and won’t stop. What an odd sensation, crying on one half of my face. Time to lie down.

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