land of no sidewalks

I find myself in Sunnyvale, the land of no sidewalks. After being in many lands with myriad sidewalks, this is somewhat of a challenge. This morning, when I tried to walk from my hotel to the office building where my software training is held, the hotel shuttle driver, horrified, picked me up and drove me the half-mile. She didn’t want blood on her hands, and I don’t want to die yet, so no complaints there.

Tonight I got a bit sucked into the hotel television, but I made it outside to the VTA light rail and ventured into Mountain View. It was raining and a lot of restaurants were closed, so my options were limited. I chose Monsoon, and I’m a bit surprised at the negative reviews I’ve now read online. The food was good, standard Indian fare, and the service was excellent. Overall, I’d say it was a pretty good value and experience.

Walking home in the downpour, I noticed the sprinklers of the neighboring office buildings were on. That pretty much sums up Sunnyvale for me.

Conversely, I had a remarkable birthday weekend. On Friday, my team surprised me with a lovely lunch at Two, and then the MSG surprised me with an incredible dinner at Chez Spencer that night. Saturday night, we went to dinner with friends at Citizen Cake and had another outstanding meal. I’m eating my way into this next year of my life, which can only bode well.

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