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mandatory calm

I would do the “five things you don’t know about me” meme that is floating around, but after nearly nine years of keeping an online journal, I think you know everything about me I’m willing to catalogue. My farewell dinner was fantastic: hanger steak in marsala cream sauce with lentils. It smelled so good in here while the MSG was cooking. I’m sure I’ll eat well in London, but I’ll miss this a lot.

Since I’m not usually very girly, I feel the need to document girly moments in my life, such as the glee I felt when acquiring these Camper boots on sale. The right boot has vowels on it and the left has consonants. Glee!

I wish I could sleep. In just a few hours, I need to be functional enough to do some work and pack up before heading to the airport. Every time I try to lie down, I fidget so much that I wake up the MSG. I need some inner peace, stat!

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