print, again with the dying

Apropos of a conversation I had with some coworkers yesterday, about misspellings and mispronunciations:

I used to get very upset about people misspelling my name. I even refused to set up email forwarding to catch various misspellings. Now when someone does it, I don’t get upset. I just immediately and without exception think less of that person.

That may be an aggressively snotty statement, but I simply do not have time for people who don’t have the energy or attention span or whatever is required to get 7 letters in the right order all at once. Despite holding my clearly-printed calling cards, people manage to misspell my email address. Does anyone really expect a message sent to to get to John Smith?

Typos are a part of typing, of course. Everyone makes mistakes. I personally make many, many more mistakes than I publish. That’s because I proofread before I send things out into the world. I believe this is important; I believe that people assess who I am from what I present to them in writing, even if they don’t realize they’re doing it.

Now you get to tell me that print is dead and I should get over it and post photographs instead. Good idea!

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