TiVo saves

Ah, the healing properties of TiVo! Yesterday my throat started feeling scratchy, and it turned into a seriously sore throat by the time we got home from our revelry, so I stayed home from work to nap with Zen and watch recorded episodes of “Monk” and “Doctor Who”. I also took a lot of zinc and other vitamins, and ate hot and sour soup and drank Emergen-C and juice. Now I’m feeling a bit better.

Zen doesn’t know what to do with me today. She tries to curl up on my laptop, and when I gently move her to sit beside me, she walks to the other end of the couch and yowls at me. Then when I finally let her curl up as close to my laptop as she can be without lying on it, she yowls at me. So I shrug and she jumps off the couch to nestle into the tissue paper I have so thoughtfully left for her on the floor. We have done this about ten times.

Whew, typing all that out made me sleepy again. Good night.

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